How to market a dating website Live sex chat manhunt

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How to market a dating website

They launched Crazy Blind, a site that set up same-day blind dates for users.

Theresia Gouw Ranzetta, a general partner at Accel Partners, advised Ok Cupid to view Crazy Blind Date as a potential new business model, not just a PR stunt.Then you have made adjustments for your brand and niche.(In one of our recent articles we mentioned available settings for a Dating Pro-based dating website.) You are now ready to launch.If you dating site is one of the few businesses without Facebook page, you must establish one without delay.It will not just provide you with some traffic but it will also boost your SEO ranking and online credibility.

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As you’re a business do not forget Linked In – take the attitude that all traffic is good traffic and as a brand you need to push and get “it” out there.

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