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However, the blond beauty quickly realized that she became a distraction from the fact that his Las Vegas show was a flop.

"And, like a magician does when wanting to guide the audience's attention away from a trick, he needed to provide a distraction, or in magician's terms, 'a misdirection,' for the media the night of the show's opening.

I can however attest to the fact that woman boobs are preettttyyyy f'in bothersome—wearing a bras is the worst, cleavage sweat is a...

I'm the furthest thing from a car snob as they come. Emily Ratajkowski is the gift that just keeps on giving—and my God, are we so happy about that!

The guard would stay in a hotel near my condo and was to accompany me .

That night, unbenknownst to me, The manipulation and question of whether Angel's actions were genuine began to grow as the staged photo-ops and antics for the paparazzi continued, but the lavish gifts and endearing words seemed to mask any immediate worry for the time being.

And when Criss was acting possessive, Holly just thought he was being protective."After a few trips back to the coast, Criss began insisting that one of his security guards accompany me.

It was awkward and embarrassing to have to explain to my friends why a security guard joined us for every meal."However, it wasn't long until Angel's vices became a bit much to handle.

As you guys know, one thing that we're kind of a little too obsessed with are live TV fails, which, for some reason or another, always leave us cracking up a bit too much. I've only really traveled internationally twice in my life and only once was the time zone drastically different, yet I recall zero jet lag.

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Often, these signs appear in unexpected places and times. Pennies are not the only denomination Angels use, they leave dimes, quarters and other currency, too.