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Gerber mark 1 knife dating

Slipjoints tend to be smaller than other typical pocket knives.Some popular patterns of slipjoint knives include: It is assumed to have been named after its inventor, although there is some dispute as to which Barlow this actually was.The peasant knife, farmer knife, or penny knife is the original and most basic design of folding pocketknife, using a simple pivoted blade that folds in and out of the handle freely, without a backspring, slipjoint, or blade locking mechanism.The first peasant knives date to the pre-Roman era, but were not widely distributed nor affordable by most people until the advent of limited production of such knives in cutlery centers such as Sheffield, England commencing around 1650, Some peasant knives used a bolster or tensioning screw at the blade to apply friction to the blade tang in order to keep the blade in the open position. 2 -5) Opinel knives are an example of the peasant knife. This means that the blade does not lock but, once opened, is held in place by tension from a flat bar or leaf-type backspring that allows the blade to fold if a certain amount of pressure is applied.In spite of its apparently British origins, the Barlow knife is often thought of as a quintessentially American pattern due to its popularity there beginning in the nineteenth century.

The serrations on the new knife are cheaply ground and are so radical that they might be problematic.Editors note: after a little research, here are my findings on getting rough dates from serial numbers.I have seen (1984) black blade Gerber MK I's with serial numbers from P52xx S to S49xx S. If you have any additional information to add to this article, please * This page is by no means the "definative" Gerber Knife Dating system, just a place to start dating your knife, and should not be used as such, nor do we claim to be an expert in dating Gerber Knives.The Gerber Mark II is not only a Vietnam-era knife. In 2008, Gerber once again began offering the Mark II. I have examined it and compared it to my older Mark IIs.The Mark II was carried by soldiers during many post-Vietnam military operations such as: Operation Paul Bunyan (Korea, 1976), Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada, 1983), Operation Mount Hope III (Chad, 1988), Operation Just Cause (Panama, 1989), Operation Desert Shield (Saudi Arabia, 1990), Operation Desert Storm (Saudi Arabia/Kuwait/Iraq, 1991), Operation Provide Comfort (Iraq/Kuwait, 1991-96), Operation Southern Watch (Iraq/Kuwait, 1992), Operation Restore Hope (Somalia, 1992), Operation Able Sentry (Macedonia, 1993), Operation Joint Endeavor (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1995), Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan, ongoing), Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq, ongoing) ... The Mark II was first produced from 1967-1998 with many variations. First impression: the latest Mark II lives up to the standard of the earlier Mark II.

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These stamps are located on the tang of the master blade, and can be used to help identify when the knife was manufactured.