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Its in good condition with a few stains that will probably come out given the right cleaning.

1950's VINTAGE METAL GENEVA KITCHEN CABINETS There is a lot of information on them and I understand the history. I'd suggest first trying Craigslist; to the right buyer, a price of ,500 to ,500 would not be unreasonable seeing that there's a robust market right now for midcentury design.

I have the whole entire set in my household, but it's unclear of what the actually valve of the cabinets are. If this did not fully answer your question, let me know.

Much of the price is going to be dependent on your location and the local market.

A final inspection will ensure that all details meet or exceed your expectations.

of storage capacity in this vintage set of custom cabinets original to our 1954-built home.

Should this prove helpful, kindly rate my service positively. I understand that sometimes an item may be worth more or less than you expected; if you'd like further explanation of the market for a given item, please let me know and again, thank you!

Learn More Your project will come to life on a large monitor as our talented designers use state-of-the-art software to demonstrate your options and make adjustments to the plan according to your preferences.The 15" drawer cabinet unit still bears its original label inside it.These cabinets have some paint wear and surface rust, but are in otherwise good condition.Learn More You can relax knowing that your project is in good hands while we monitor orders, coordinate deliveries and schedule highly qualified sub-contractors to do installations in a timely and professional manner.Learn More Your designer will make regular job-site visits to meet with sub-contractors and keep your project running smoothly.

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