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Dual optic accommodating lenses

AIM: To design an accommodating intraocular lens with extended accommodative range that can be adapted to current standard phacoemulsification and endocapsular implantation technique.METHOD: Ray tracing analysis and lens design; cadaver eye implantation.Mr Bobby Qureshi, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, is the only surgeon in the UK able to offer both these lenses and also is the most experienced having implanted the majority.He has gained an international reputation providing the latest and most innovative new surgery and implants available in the world for his patients.

Seamless Sight – The Synchrony Dual Optic accommodating lens implant The Synchrony accommodating implant allows patients to see well at all distances which means near, intermediate and far without glasses or contact lenses.

This also means that your vision is affecting your lifestyle and you may be a candidate for the Synchrony lens.

Your private health insurance will contribute significantly towards the cost of treatment if you have a symptomatic cataract.

And intermediate and beginning skiers can still pick up a great goggle for 0 or less, including some interchangeable options.

Below are the best ski goggles for the 2016-2017 season.

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