Dream dictionary dating

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Corn and sun dried landscapes are yellow, and so in a dream can indicate feelings of content, fruitfulness and richness of spirit.

As the sun is thought of as yellow the colour also depicts life giving and warming influences or attitudes, of the expression of your own life flow.

As hard as you try to focus on what is going on, you are unable to see some of the things that are going on around you.Yellow roses are used to depict friendship without sexual love, or a love that is not leading to partnership.Because the action of light tends to fade colours, you find the word yellowing or yellowed used to describe an ageing process, or something that is old.To dream that you see a blind person trying to cross the street signifies your desire to be helpful or charitable to some of the destitute of society.As much as we act like we try to help our disabled citizens, even though we afford them with respect and dignity, we ultimately do not possess the framework or the ability to adequately empathize with blind people.

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If you have a dream in which you deal with Blindness/Blind person and you are the one that is blind, or you are the blind person, then this means that you feel as though there is some issue that you do not really understand in the world today.