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Annemarie Fletcher, from Glastonbury, parted with a Cartier watch and diamond ring worth £40,000 when Kris Lyndsay claimed he was having cash flow issues at work.

Lyndsay soon approached her and they formed a relationship.

In return for 'borrowing' £5,930 he offered to pay the following year's school fees for her daughter to continue at the elite Millfield public school in Somerset.

Kris Lyndsay (pictured right with his new partner) has now been sentenced to four years in prison for the lonely hearts con, which a judge at Taunton Crown Court called 'callous, manipulative and pre-meditated' lies When he failed to repay her, she discovered the house was still on the market.

The Dead also not only allowed but actually fans to tape the concerts, eventually setting up a “taper’s section” for them.

Hence, somewhere in the Deadosphere there exist tapes of practically all of the 2,500 shows the Dead performed in their 30 years of touring.

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I feel most sorry for my daughter – who had to leave Millfield and was then bullied at her next school – and his daughter.

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