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All types of marking gauges are made to score or cut one or two parallel lines parallel to the edge of a board, stile or leg.

This is marginally less convenient than owning the two types.

The style of gauge which uses a knife instead of a pin is often described as a cutting gauge.

Other variations include a panel gauge which has a longer beam and larger headstock for scribing lines that are further from the reference edge.

2 Machinist's Iron Level This antique Davis Level & Tool Co.

Measurements: 20 1/2" long, 3 1/4" tall, 1 1/4" wide Additional Photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Antique Davis Level & Tool No. 2 Machinist's Iron Level based on the company catalog page shown below.

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Bruel was granted patents for improvements on the idea. A simplified Swanson speed square ahead of its time. This style carpenters square / bevel / protractor was granted a patent on April 14 1903 in the US. This style adjustable carpenters square has been around a long time. It can act as a square, bevel, plumb, inclinometer, or level. An interesting combination measurement tool from the past. The bevel portion has graduations marked on it as well. Good clear stamp and note the fine lines still present in the handle groove. click for Pic click for Pic CHC-30D-1 CHC-30D-2 CHC-30D-3 CHC-30D-4 CHC-30D-5 Left .