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ROXOR has a suggested retail price of 9, but for a limited period it is available to pre-order for a low 9 US.

There are remnants of the city’s stout 17th-century fortifications, built as a defense against the Turks; particularly well preserved are the Hangman’s Bastion, now a museum, and the Mikluš Prison. Michael’s Chapel, Levoča House (the former warehouse of the trading-settlement merchants), and several other churches and palaces.When the Nebula 4000 came out it had virtually no competition – things have changed though and the 4100 is up against single handed models from Pilotfly, Ikan and Came TV. The ROXORs are Filmpower’s competitors to the DJI OSMO and have distinctive, boxy space-aged styling.If you were a fan of Gerry Anderson’s Space:1999 then you’ll probably love them.One of eastern Europe’s largest integrated iron and steel complexes is at Huko, just south of Košice. Nearby are several spas and villages, notably Herlany, Jasov, Jahodná, and Štós.

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