Dating pregnancy after the pill

Posted by / 29-Mar-2017 19:30

In the past, doses of hormones in the pill were higher, and there were worries about getting pregnant while taking it, or just after stopping.

Some women worried that the hormones could be harmful to their developing baby.

For all these years, the use of the drugs has been unofficial, little known and called the Yuzpe regimen.

Like the Yuzpe regimen, Preven makes women vomit, bleed, feel sick and dizzy and, 75% of the time (according to optimistic website advertising), if she is pregnant (and no one can be sure if she is), shed an unwanted fertilized egg.

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So, my question is did I fall pregnant AFTER the morning pill worked or BEFORE?Jennifer Kessell, spokeswoman for Roberts Pharmaceuticals, the Oakville, Ont., Canadian manufacturer of the drug, sells Preven as though it were a new shade of eyeliner."They're not sure of the ins and outs of it," she says.An ultrasound dating scan can help to accurately date your pregnancy, whether you've had a period or not.After coming off the pill, it can take a few months for your menstrual cycle to settle down in response to your body's natural hormones.

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