Dating old military photos

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They can be worn on a cap, collar, shoulder, arm, or cuff.They can be stitched, or attached with brass pins or ‘sliders’.However, rest assured that we will do our best to try and help. I prefer not to be concerned about questions being too localized because having specific examples to consider often helps focus the answers to something that can be provided within a few paragraphs, rather than having to try and cover a multitude of permutations.At the same time the general answers usually come out in the same process.

Among the many areas of antique photography collecting that we have interest in, we especially like old photographs of little girls engaged in every day activity, or posing with a favorite toy or bicycle.Is there a web site out there or some place to ask about the context of formal US military photos?I would like to know the time, location, and reason of a photo.We will credit all photos used and send two copies of the publication to each person whose photos we use.Do not send images where the date / conflict / regiment / army has to be guessed or is unknown.

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The institutions listed below have specialized collections of military images which are generally well indexed.