Dating man lower social class is nelly and ashanti really dating

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Dating man lower social class

In her 2015 book , the sociologist Jessi Streib shows that marriages between someone with a middle-class background and someone with a working-class background can involve differing views on all sorts of important things—child-rearing, money management, career advancement, how to spend leisure time.

It would be one of the factors, the level of importance would be determined by both people. Sometimes a highly successful person wants someone who is less career oriented so that partner is more available time-wise to be supportive.

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Would you guys say that coming from the same socioeconomic class is imperative in order for a relationship to be successful?

People with advanced degrees were smarter than those who just finished four years of college.

Don't even get her started on a bottom of the barrel high school diploma. A red flag went off in my head as I asked myself a question.

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The reason I ask is because sometimes when 2 partners come from different classes they have different viewpoints on things which can lead to several arguments. This is pretty well documented in Psychology that the biggest determining factor in our social group is our socioeconomic status. This is mostly in adolescence though and as we get older socioeconomic status isn't as much of a determining factor.

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