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Nothing like a little over-the-top PR stunt to drive global brand awareness and traffic to your site.

But this publicity generating pop-up tour is just an added boost to the site’s already impressive popularity, which has been growing since its 2010 launch.

i am bi curious and would love 2 chat 2 some nice girls who are in the same situation i have been married and im sofed up with the way men treat me i have a lesbian friend and would like to get to now some girlsto talk 2 so please come and chat 2 me this is the hard bit! i have two grown up children and have been in two serious lesbian relationships my kids are great and really understanding they just want me to be happy.

they are the only one “where women are in full control of the courting process, making shopping for men as easy as shopping for shoes.” Truthfully, there is not one part of that selling point that doesn’t make us cringe.

Nonetheless, curiosity got the best of us, so we dug a little deeper to find out just how it works: “Inside Adopt’s supermarket of love, a woman shops for ‘products’ at her leisure.

When she’s ready to commit, she places as many products as she likes in her ‘cart’, opening the lines of communication.

Until then, men sit on the shelf, competing for attention and waiting to get noticed.” In other words, the women a.k.a “shoppers” are the only ones who can initiate communication and then the guys a.k.a “products” have to sell themselves through their online profiles.

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Esther (not her real name), a 50-year-old crisis communications management professional, has been divorced for more than 20 years.