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The underside reads- '3 OZ' then a number '7' then 'War' (with the 'a' and 'r' atop a big 'W') then a circled '92' a little British symbol and one that looks like a swatch of fabric. As the Goldsmiths of the day protested over the use of the pewter "hallmarks" many are hidden or placed in difficult to read positions on the piece in question... In medieval times and up until the mid seventeenth century, the composition of the pewter alloy was specified by the Worshipful Company of Pewterers in London.

It also reads 'Mad in Sheffield- English Pewter.' I'm sure that anyone who knows anything about antiques (or, perhaps, England's military history) can enlighten me. It is a complex subject and most times, requires piece of pewter in one hand and a book in other hand, at the same time being surrounded by mountains of other books and that's just to date the pieces .... There were two grades: Fine pewter and Lay metal or trifles.

For terms that apply only to British pewter, refer to the Web Page of One of the metals that may be alloyed with tin to create pewter.Metal allowed articles to be cold-formed from sheet metal.However, even then casting continued to be used for certain articles such as measures and it was also used to form the knops, handles, feet etc.It is most often found on Philadelphia pieces with neoclassic styling. Bismuth expands while solidifying which allows more alloy to expand into the mold cavity. Refers to Thomas Danforth Boardman, his brothers Sherman and Timothy, and the various partnerships formed by the Boardmans during the first half of the 19th century.Beginning in 1804 and ending in 1873, this Hartford, Connecticut based family created the largest and longest-running pewter making business in the early history of the United States. A disk or flange-shaped extension at the top of a candlestick nozzle used to catch and retain the candle wax drippings. A volatile, turpentine-derived liquid fuel used for lighting.

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