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Tom has known the former Mrs Elvis for years and even wore blue suede shoes, obviously a tribute to his lifelong hero.Last week, I had dinner with three friends, all in our seventies.I ran into him at a party once but I can’t have been very stimulating company, because all he talked about was the difficulty of finding a parking space in Soho.When I interviewed Priscilla recently she confessed that Elvis (who started their relationship when she was a schoolgirl) had never seen her in her underwear, and that she always got into bed in a very chaste nightdress.In case you forgot, Sunday is the annual buzzkill also known as Valentine's Day. We had seen each other a couple of times, so he had heard the story that I don't drink and never had.Though there's never been a better time to be a single lady, there's something about a day dedicated to coupledom that can really take the wind out of our self-sufficient sails. He was determined to change it."Let me tell you why you should drink," he began."You're welcome to, but I'll warn you right now you're not going to change my mind," I said honestly.Anyone who’s spent more than a day on dating apps like Tinder are familiar with this action.It’s when you get a flirty conversation going…and it goes nowhere.

"I just think it'd make you more relatable if you drank," he ended.After Priscilla became pregnant with their daughter Lisa Marie the couple never had sex again, although she spoke to him on the phone almost every day, even after their divorce.But Priscilla is a very astute businesswoman who has marketed her ex-husband’s legend supremely successfully – last year a sellout concert at the O2 featured “The King” singing from beyond the grave with a symphony orchestra.I looked at him, blown away he had really spent the majority of our dinner trying to push alcohol on me."Try getting to know me," I challenged him, but I already knew we'd hit a stalemate: He was never going to respect my not drinking.

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They may be talking to many people online, just for the buzz.

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