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I have been unemployed, with the odd stretch of a temporary position here and there lasting no more than two months, for two and a half years and going (my position was made redundant by my company in a response to the GFC).

I unfortunately have to rely on welfare to survive, and after I pay rent and bills my budget is razor thin.

By which I mean anything more expensive than fast food, which I’m not about to subject a woman to on a date.

When I’m by myself I can keep entertained by replaying old video games, reading classical literature from the library (The Divine Comedy feels sadly familiar), or rewatching Initial D, but I don’t really have ideas for cheap/free dates that won’t get me laughed at or fled from.

Someone who could have my back.” But it wasn’t long before she realized that what he lacked in his wallet he more than made up for in vision and ambition.

So they got married, and though there have been times when bills have mounted and threatened to destroy them like a fire-breathing dragon, there have also been triumphant times when everything has come together like magic.

I buy my clothes at thrift stores and my drinks at dive bars.I am going to answer this question a little differently than the other AAGs and rather than giving my thoughts as an objective outside observer, I’m going to tell a story that may shed a lot of light on where this guy is coming from.When Sabrina and I started A New Mode, she and I were working on it during every free hour we had. At that time, I got into a relationship with a girl I cared very much for.I usually don’t have enough money for a full tank of fuel in the car, and many days I’ll be eating ramen for at least one meal.In extreme cases I have lived off Christmas cake for a few days, but things aren’t so bad right now. Common sense is screaming to me that I should secure employment before seeking any kind of relationship or risk nothing more than curt rejection, but between not knowing when that could be and finding myself thinking about being in a relationship more and more, I am wondering if dating women on an extreme budget is possible. But if it is possible, albeit improbable, I want to give it a go.

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Do I need to post the fact that I don’t have much on there?

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