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Avoid the error of assuming too quickly that the two of you are a couple.

In established relationships, partners often take turns focusing on one person’s interests, then the other’s.

Most women usually list their qualities in their profile as a way of getting a man’s attention. Although a sentence like this gives a lot of information about you…it reads like a dating resume. And there’s nothing in it that would get a man excited about meeting you.

Here are two examples of sentences I’ve seen when it comes to describing the men women want to meet.

It’s a broad sentence that again won’t engage a man to contact you.The first sentence is heavy and a man reads it as this woman is still bitter from a past relationship where a man didn’t give much.The second sentence is very general and subjective.What I’ve written in this article may touch a nerve or two.I do tend to be quite opinionated about these things, and if indeed it does leave you agitated or annoyed, it is probably exactly what you need to hear.

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Instead, write the list of qualities you want in a man, then create a story using a couple of those qualities along with one or two of the activities you love to do.

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