Dating a cancer woman zodiac sign

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Passionate, volatile and exciting the Cancer woman has an emotional strength and vulnerability which many find to be highly feminine and uniquely sexy.Deeply caring and sympathetic lovers they will do anything for a partner whom they're in love with.Cancer is sympathetic and attached to people they keep close.Those born with their Sun in Cancer are very loyal and able to empathize with other people's pain and suffering.Being ruled by the Moon, phases of the lunar cycle deepen their internal mysteries and create fleeting emotional patterns that are beyond their control.

The Cancer woman is slow to fall in love and refuses to be rushed.Romantic and devoted, she takes relationships and her partner seriously, and once settled with a mate she enjoys the home and everything associated with it.Cancer women often have an appreciation of food and a talent for cooking.The crab has a good instinct for who suits her best in relationships.Her idea of a perfect partner is someone who loves to snuggle on the couch together, watch television, and pour wine for her.

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Lack of patience or even love will manifest through mood swings later in life, and even selfishness, self-pity or manipulation.

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