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Subversion has since expanded beyond its original goal of replacing CVS, but its history influenced its feature and interface choices; Subversion today should still feel very familiar to CVS users.

Subversion allows arbitrary metadata ("properties") to be attached to any file or directory.

But support either for questions or bugs can only be offered by original developers in a best effort, voluntary basis.

CRAB submits jobs to the Grid (LCG), so you need to run it from an User Interface, with a valid certificate, issued by your appropriate Certification Authority, and have a valid proxy. To get a certificate from CERN CA and register to CMS VO, you can find detailed instruction in the SWGuide Lcg Access page.

These properties are not versioned, since they attach metadata to the version-space itself, but they can be changed at any time.

(SVN Wins, though it is vendor lock-in)CVS does not have this, but do we need it?

These properties are key/value pairs, and are versioned just like the objects they are attached to.

Take a look at this, and install SVN Client Adapter, SVNKit Adapter, and SVNKit Library.

If you are not already familiar with Apache's logging subsystem, you should become aware of it. Subversion's mod_dav_svn uses Apache's error logging interface as well.

You can always browse the contents of those files for information that might reveal the source of a problem that is not clearly noticeable otherwise. If you're a system administrator, it's very likely that you're already running the Apache web server and have some prior experience with it.

Read the above FAQ about Crab2 development being frozen since long.

At this point (2011) developers only provide fixes for critical bugs As of 2011 central support for Crab2 is only offered for mission critical funcionalities.

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That means submission using All other functionalities are distributed and available on an "as it is" basis.

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