Console flicker updating when win32

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As many of the reader know that most popular technique has been to use off-screen DC (device context) to do the entire complex drawing and then copying this off-screen DC to the screen DC directly. C# is projected by Microsoft as the future for C programmers.

So like many other C programmers, I used some of my spare time to play around with C#.

(I've searched SO answers and found no clear solution to this problem.) I'm working on a MFC GUI program.

This program runs various child programs including console program and shell command script(.cmd).

I have a console app that needs to display the state of items, but rather than having text scroll by like mad I'd rather see the current status keep showing up on the same lines.Yeah, well, I didn't mention this on purpose ...* it hangs my x86 Xn View Classic or MP on "Saving picture...", but maybe that's just me (again )* zero config options, not even for the compression rate don't make this that attractive Concerning patents, I'd say a hevc encoder inside Xn View is probab more hassle than it's worth.Fast bpg reading would be enough as far as I'm concerned - I dunno how the external approach compares to a dll.settings in -q (0~51) set quantizer parameter (smaller gives better quality, default=20) -f (420|422|444) set the preferred chroma format (default=422) -b (8|10) set the bit depth (default=8) -loseless enable lossless mode -e (jctvc|x265) select the HEVC encoder (default=jctvc) -m (1~9) select the compression level (1=fast, 9=slow, default=8)Right, it's nice you like to dabble with multiple tools, but let me just calculate the ratio of the size of the Visual Studio download vs. I'd rather use the next post, download and just change "Subsystem" in from 3 to 2 - this fixes the console flicker, too. The subsystem value needs to be changed from 3 to 2.After some research I was able to find two ways to produce smooth animated effects. I was glad to know that there was a work around in C# to use the old Win32 techniques for smooth animation.Although one cannot find direct implementation for functions like Create Compatible DC, Create Compatible Bitmap and Select Object, but there is an indirect way to use these functions for your GDI device context.

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