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Telecom carriers bid 4 million for wireless spectrum in the Philadelphia television market during the auction's first round, which ended in August.The national auction is expected to continue for months and could raise tens of billions of dollars as it reallocates spectrum from over-the-air television to wireless data services like video streaming."It's a little early to talk about it," Roberts said of a Comcast wireless service at an annual Goldman Sachs Communicopia conference in New York. We want to do it right and do it well." As for Netflix, Roberts said he was prepared to let bygones be bygones.The Federal Communications Commission is coordinating the complex auction.Neither the names of the buyers of wireless spectrum nor the sellers have been released to the public.If you are a Comcast cable television customer, then you probably want to find out how you can get free upgrades from the company.Upgrades may include extra channels, digital video recording packages or discounted monthly subscription rates.As for Comcast's wireless plans, Roberts said that about 150 employees are working on one that could launch by mid-2017.The technology is likely to be a traditional cellular service that works in tandem with Comcast Wifi hotspots, he said.

Executives as of November 2013 include: Comcast is responsible for two major players in cable, television, Internet and media.

The corporate office is where many of the key executives in the company report to work, but there are Comcast offices for residential and business support located throughout the United States [ ].

Website: Comcast headquarters offers an official website with corporate information [ ].

NBC and Universal Television had a long-standing partnership dating back to 1950, when Universal Television's earliest ancestor, Revue Studios, produced a number of shows for NBC (although they would have some hits on the other networks as well).

This partnership continued throughout a number of name changes and changes of ownership.

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Roberts added that Comcast is talking with other online streamers about including their movies and TV shows on Xfinity and said that he and Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings have put aside their differences.

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