Code for updating database in asp net Live chats santa cruz woman

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Code for updating database in asp net

I would like to import cell(2,2) to column1 in the table, cell(2,3) to column2, cell(3,2) to column3 and cell(1,1) to column4. OLEDB.12.0; Data Source=; Extended Properties=Excel 8.0", Saved File) Using connection As New Ole Db Connection(excel Connection String) Dim Command As Ole Db Command = New Ole Db Command("Select * FROM [Sheet1$]", connection) connection. Execute Reader() Dim sql Connection String As String = "Data Source=.\sqlexpress; Initial Catalog=Excel DB; Integrated Security=True" Using bulk Copy As New Sql Bulk Copy(sql Connection String) bulk Copy.

The code I am trying to accomplish this with is: Dim Excel Content Type As String = "application/" Dim Excel2010Content Type As String = "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet" Dim excel Connection String As String = String.

NET 3.5 SP1, developers provided a lot of feedback on things they thought were incomplete with that first release.

It also supports a “model first” development style – where you first define your model layer using the design surface, and can then use it to generate database schema from it. The tutorial walked through creating a simple application, called “Nerd Dinner”, which provides an easy way for people to organize, host and RSVP for dinners online. Below I’m going to demonstrate how we could instead use a “code first approach” using EF4 to build the Nerd Dinner model layer and database schema, and construct a CRUD application using ASP. We will walkthrough building this application step-by-step. The model is the "heart" of an MVC-based application, and fundamentally drives the behavior of it.

This will include item templates for adding Signal R connections and hubs to an ASP. We want to make it very simple for developers to take applications inside their organization that use Active Directory for security and be able to move them to Azure Cloud using the same Windows authentication.

The SQL team did a good job of listening to this feedback, and really focused the EF that ships with . Some of the big improvements in EF4 include: Visual Studio 2010 also includes much richer EF designer and tooling support.

Im pretty sure I need to use Bulk Copy, but Im not quite sure how to use it and I can't seem to find specific examples that explain it pertaining to my specific application. Write To Server(reader) End Using End Using End Using Where I am having trouble is, I do not know how to select certain cells from the excel sheet to import and I do not know how to copy those cells to specific columns in the specified table. Thanks, Zach I use the COM libraries too when I am automating excel scripts or transferring excel to excel. Can I go Nexus Gaxaxy Table.column1(or whatever) = XLSheet1. Protected Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As System.

So in my App_Data folder I have an title "Device Database." In that database I have three tables: "Galaxy Nexus", "Hercules" , and "Ruby" I am trying to import four cells from each imported excel sheet to their respective tables.

In addition to supporting a designer-based development workflow, EF4 also enables a more EF’s “code first development” support is currently enabled with a separate download that runs on top of the core EF built-into . CTP4 of this “code-first” library shipped this week and can be downloaded here. A download link to a completed version of the sample is available at the end of this blog post. We’ll create this model layer using the new EF4 “Code First” capabilities.

It works with VS 2010, and you can use it with any . Let’s assume we do not already have a database defined, and that we are building our new Nerd Dinner application completely from scratch.

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We want to be able to define and store “Dinners” that refer to specific events that people can attend.