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Unless we categorically and decisively reject the secularist, moral relativism of 21st century America, we are doomed. Our hope is that God in His mercy would send a spiritual awakening reversing this trend before it's too simply another alarming societal development that is evidence of our deep-seated decline.(NIV, Genesis 38:8-10) What Onan did was not masturbation, but a form of birth control known as coitus interruptus.Onan's actual sin was probably his resistance to the Old Testament custom of providing offspring for his deceased brother by impregnating his widow.I have seen advertisements in magazines featuring attractive couples standing totally in the buff except for a miniscule X strategically placed over crotches and nipples.

Furthermore, sperm cells not ejected from the body simply die after a few weeks anyway, and they are continuously replaced.

Texas pastor Matt Chandler and his wife, Lauren, advised Christian singles in their weekly video series to be honest as they date and trust God to help find the balance between covering up the past and revealing too much, too soon.

The Village Church leader told singles it is a "good, right desire" to "guard your heart" in dating relationships, noting that the phrase comes from scripture.

However a parallel is sometimes drawn between Onan's act and the wasting of the semen that occurs when males masturbate.

Thomas Bokenkotter, a Catholic priest and historian, explains the traditional church opposition to masturbation this way: Data from the sciences have also severely challenged the traditional condemnation of masturbation, which to some extent was based on outmoded views of human reproduction.

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what I'm trying to say is all we want to do is point to the best things and we don't want to go, 'now this has been an issue historically, or this.' So we can guard our heart to the point where we're not known and we're not known in a way that increases intimacy and increases (one's ability to tell) is this moving towards marriage or is it not."Lauren Chandler urged daters to consider what their hearts are centered on as they disclose information about themselves to a potential mate."What is your heart centered on? Or on, you know, 'oh I just want to be married,' or whatever it is? Lauren encouraged viewers to set their minds and hearts on things above: "I think you set your heart on the Lord and what He's going to do."She counseled singles that if they enter dating relationships focused on glorifying God in all they do, then they will have a more balanced perspective throughout the entire experience.

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