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And certainly for me, Trinidad will always be remembered by the huge centipedes that hiss at you. Question: Of the episodes that you filmed for the season already, which one are you each most excited about? I mean, some of them, for paranormal reasons, others for just the challenge of the location. We've been going to some places that really require us to be very physical.

And just - Joe Chin and Scott Tepperman had it the hardest. We're also dealing with animals that we're not familiar with.

Defending solicitor Barry Newton said: “Mr Williams and his current partner formed a relationship on the back of the marriage breaking down.

“In January he also had a harassment notice served on him but since then no financial assistance has been given to her or attempts made by him to contact the children.

The 33-year-old, who was married to Mr Williams for eight years, sent abusive emails and set up a profile of him on ‘Plenty of Fish’ after their marriage broke down last Christmas, the court heard.

Mr Williams received an e-mail from the site saying the account had been created in his name, although it didn’t officially go ‘live’, the court was also told.

The book's publisher, Harper Collins imprint William Morrow, denies that Mc Cormick will reveal an affair with Plumb.

"We have to assume it's not true and see what happens when the book comes out," People magazine assistant managing editor and Early Show contributor Jess Cagle told co-anchor Julie Chen.

“At least you didn’t go as far as posting naked photographs of your ex-partner on social media.

This is an interview with Barry Fitzgerald and Kris Williams of the television series Ghost Hunters International from July 5, 2011.

Question: So, when you did the first two episodes that are upcoming in Trinidad, what did you find the biggest challenge you had with investigating in Trinidad was?

Chacachacare certainly was something which was really new for us and really getting into some of that adventure side of ghost investigating.

And the very fact that we were pushing ourselves to the limits in Trinidad was great for us to get out of that norm and really extend ourselves.

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The alleged lesbian affair wouldn't be the first Brady scandal.