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Charismatic dating

Think of charisma as force of character, or personal presence, or gravitas.

People with higher levels of charisma tend to be noticed, listened to, respected, and followed.

He is loyal, sensible, honest, and romantic, and will lavish his Aries lover with his generous nature.

She, in turn, offers him the strong and passionate woman that will keep him satisfied in the home and in the bedroom.

But the movie surrounds these two with Nicole Kidman as Saroo’s adoptive mother, Rooney Mara as his Indian food-loving girlfriend, and Priyanka Bose as the mum he left behind (her smile so lovely she could pass for Rosario Dawson’s South Asian sister). Davis, a commercials director whose reel includes Toyota’s “Ninja Kittens” spot, would be a natural to boil Saroo’s story down to a tear-jerking 60 seconds (even if this material sounds like an extended promo for the one company that needs it least).

There were certainly few doubts in the mind of Carolyn Woods the evening she met up with a handsome financier calling himself Mark Conway.

Nikki is an expert in charisma - in the value and meaning of charisma for life, work, leadership, etc., and also how to become more charismatic.

Nikki has studied and redefined charisma to be a measurable, tangible, learnable strength.

But let’s get serious: The story of how 5-year-old Saroo was tragically separated from his family, wound up adopted by an Aussie couple on a completely different continent, and managed to find his birth mother 25 years later using Google Earth might be a happy one, but it’s barely meaty enough to wrap the evening news, let alone sustain a two-hour feature.

While unique, Saroo’s story is somewhere between the-guy-who-found-a-lottery-scratcher-worth-fifty-bucks and the-farmer-who-prayed-for-rain-and-got-it.

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Such feel-good yarns are only as interesting as the person they happened to.