Chad dating hedrick

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Chad dating hedrick

In 2005 he successfully defended his 5,000 m world title in Inzell, Germany.At the 2005 World Allround Speed Skating Championships he lost his title to Shani Davis.There was a lot of pressure, but I try not to concern myself with that." Davis, 23, chose to carry that albatross on his own.By refusing to compete in the team pursuit — and fuelling the crossfire between him and teammate Chad Hedrick — Davis became a symbol of the "me-first" attitude in a place where Americans usually wrap themselves in red, white and blue.

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Chad Hedrick is competing for medals in Olympic Speed Skating.

In February 2004, a year and a half after he made his switch, Hedrick won the 2004 World Allround Speed Skating Championships, knocking more than a point off the world record points, reducing it to 150.478.

On March 12, 2004, Hedrick won the gold medal in the 5,000 meters during the 2004 World Single Distance Championships, which were held Seoul, South Korea.

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The chase ended dramatically on Saturday when Davis became the first black athlete to win a Winter Olympic gold in an individual event.

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