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Leaks can come from a cracked pump but usually develop at the gasket where the pump attaches to the engine.

Some can fail at only 40,000 miles (64,000 kilometers), but almost all of them fail by 100,000 miles (160,000 kilometers). In other words, they're either working or they're not. Water pumps can fail in two ways: they can spring a leak or their bearings fail.For example, Shakey getting drunk with his father for the first time, or working with Esme Patterson on "Dearly Departed." Dubbed an "accidental kid," the track was written when the two spent Halloween together two years ago."[Esme and I] share a pretty similar grim sense of humor," says Shakey.For Gaelic, a minority language spoken by only two to three percent of the Irish population, it can be difficult to access these digital services.And even languages with millions of speakers can lack the resources needed to make the Internet relevant to daily life.

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English, along with a few other languages like Spanish and French, dominates the web.