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C dataadapter not updating

In addition to reducing the load on the data server by reducing the number of active connections, the data server's load was also reduced because activities performed on disconnected data had no impact on the server.

To do that, the Data Adapter lets us specify the commands that should be carried out to retrieve and update data.

I then have two datagrids one with the items and one with the bound to the relationship this allows only the records associated with the itm to be displayed in the datagrid, I then run a loop that changes to sequence number for each corresponding record,this all works fine but then I go to update the back end database.

The update from the dataadapter executes successfully, but then if I reload the dataset from the database back end I find that the update did not actually update the records on the back end.

Close(); //Basic DELETE method with Parameters Sql Connection sql Conn = new Sql Connection(connection string here); Sql Command sql Comm = new Sql Command(); sql Comm = sql Conn. Command Text = @"DELETE FROM table Name WHERE condition Column='@condition Name'"; sql Comm.

Essentially, this is the value that you want to associate to the parameter, so substitute param Source for the value that you want to provide to the parameter. Command Text = "UPDATE customer2 SET cust_blnc = cust_blnc '" text Box3.

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