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Today we're assuming you are just following the normal -RELEASE branch. Fetching metadata signature for 9.2-RELEASE from update2... # make installkernel ## Add "KERNCONF=yourkernelname" if you did a custom kernel.

To patch your base system patched for security and errata, simply do: # freebsd-update fetch install Looking up update. # cd /usr/obj && chflags -R noschg * && rm -rf * # reboot A reboot may or may not be needed, depending on what was changed.

Maybe binary upgrades aren't your thing though, or you want to customize part of the system you're using.

During this upgrade process, you will be asked to merge configuration files and reboot twice.

Binary updates are available for all architectures and releases currently supported by the security team.

The list of supported releases and their estimated end-of-life dates are listed at .

Merge Changes /etc/ /var/named/etc/ /boot/device.hints# When upgrading between releases, should the list of Components be # read strictly (Strict Components yes) or merely as a list of components # which *might* be installed of which Free BSD Update should figure out # which actually are installed and upgrade those (Strict Components no)? More information about Free BSD security advisories can be found in Section13.11, “Free BSD Security Advisories”.

Some of these things have to be rebuilt when the jpeg code changes, some do not.

Some people prefer to use the officially released versions, while others prefer to keep in sync with the latest developments.

However, even official releases are often updated with security and other critical fixes.

it seems none of the cases I search with starting by updating the NVIDIA drivers.

For a high-level program like, say, Firefox, you can. Firefox, expecting the old version of jpeg, may not be able to use the new version correctly, or at all.

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The first command will determine if any outstanding patches are available, and if so, will list the files that will be modifed if the patches are applied. If the update applies any kernel patches, the system will need a reboot in order to boot into the patched kernel. will attempt to download all files required for the upgrade.