Breedlove serial number dating

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Breedlove serial number dating

So you start dabbling in lots of other things to increase sales & start to loose your identity.Resale is tough on a lot of guitars, but breedloves seem to take a particularly bad beating for their original body shapes.Breedlove switched to this numbering system 209 instruments into 1999, starting with #2000.Prior to that, a five-digit system was utilized, with the first two digits denoting the year of manufacture, and the second three digits assigned sequentially by instrument completion date (e.g.I have contacted Breedlove and confirmed it is a 2008. It did not come with the original case, it was in a very poor quality foam case.The GC employee claimed he sold this to the guy the first time and there was no Breedlove case in the store to give him because someone in the store had sold the case that went with the instrument separately. They never seem to be able to keep track of their cases.96-040.) 2006: 8491*- 2005: 7500-8490* 2004: 6445-7499* 2003: 5161-6444* 2002: 4071-5160* 2001: 3218-4070* 2000: 2631-3217* 1999: 2000-2630* *Breedlove assigns serial numbers to instruments at the start of production.

Breedlove Serial Number System Breedlove instruments manufactured from early 1999 onward will bear a sequential four digit serial number. I find them a little light and delicate as I like a little more heft in my....oh, you meant mandos.... Well, they are a little sensitive about their looks, so don't stare. They're bright, woodsy and relatively sophisticated, but certainly not for everyone. I find them a little light and delicate as I like a little more heft in my....oh, you meant mandos....:redface: Thank you for the responses, especially the reference to the article on Breedlove's Web site.Welcome to the Breedlove Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. How do I get a repair/warranty/non-warranty work order processed What is a good moisturizer for ebony (Fingerboards)? What is the string height on your guitars and bass? What kind of strings does my Breedlove Guitar, Bass or Mandolin come with? This will cause damage to your instrument by over-drying the wood below recommended humidity levels.

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Would you please explain your pre-2014 model numbers? Maintaining the appropriate humidity level will help to prevent cracks, stabilize tuning, and increase the playability of your instrument.