Blackmailed on webcam christian devotions on dating

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Don't communicate with the criminal; instead, take screenshots of any messages, suspend your Facebook account (don't delete it), and report it to You Tube if there's a video that needs blocking.

Hi there is someone who is trying to blackmail me for money because of a sex act on webcam. Hi thanks for your question, I will try to assist you with this. Avoiding Ratting - Remote Access Trojans Take steps to avoid someone taking over your computer, and your webcam.The consequences can range from embarrassment to humiliation and in extreme cases, have resulted in self-harm of even victims taking their own lives.In response to this surge in reported cases, the NCA has issued new advice for victims of webcam blackmail: don't panic, don't pay, don't communicate, and preserve evidence.Basically, if you find yourself being blackmailed, you should go straight to your local police, who will "take your case seriously, will deal with it in confidence, and will not judge you for being in this situation." You should not pay the ransom, but if you've already paid, make a note of where it was collected from; if it hasn't been collected, cancel the payment.

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They are threatening to post the video to my Facebook contacts and youtube if I dont send them money. I would not recommend paying these people as it will not stop there and they will continually ask for more money. I performed a sex act - masturbation and apparently they have software to record it.