Beautifulpeople net is a dating website

Posted by / 01-Oct-2017 21:24

If you don’t have a great body or a model’s face, you are rejected.

The site’s introduction says: “It is a meeting place which is reserved for people who, because of their attractive appearance and personal qualities, stand out from the majority.” It is a social networking site for dating and friendship.

we’re back on everyone’s favourite topic, online dating!

This time, however, we’re not scrutinising any websites (though watch this space as I have a special one up my sleeve).

Applicants are accepted or turned down based on scores given to their photos by existing members.

The site recommends the photos should be sexy but not pornographic.

Beautiful did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This is a shame hack, a website called site Beautiful which only accepts those people who are fair and beautiful was hacked by unknown hackers.

The hackers who probably got the data in December 2015, leaked sensitive data of around 1.1 million ‘beautiful people’ who were members of this website.

Greg describes the profile description as a ‘sales pitch’, saying that “online daters are selling themselves.

If they want to be successful they need to advertise themselves successfully!

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The hackers are allegedly selling personal data of 1.1 million users including their names, addresses, sexual preference, relationship status, phone numbers, email addresses and even private messages according to a report by Forbes.