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Legendary Sir Agravaine – Knight of the Round Table; second son of King Lot of Orkney, Lothian and Morgause; friend of Mordred and nephew of Prince Arthur – is sitting in his caravan, reading a book on horses. Today, cast and crew find themselves on location at the beautiful, towering Château de Pierrefonds in Picardy, France.

Described by co-creator Julian Murphy as “Merlin and Arthur before they were famous,” the teatime saga Merlin is currently filming its fourth series, which will be broadcast next month in an incredible 180 countries.

Sy Fy starts its run of the last 12 episodes this Friday.

Here’s what we learned from the pair about their show and their characters: While the rest of Camelot may live in fear of the Lady Morgana, Katie Mc Grath wishes she could take more of her character with her off-screen.

This sometimes proves a problem when he feels inclined to show off to his daughters, aged 14 and 12.

“I’ve just done this programme Injustice, and they watched episode one, which I’m not in,” he says.

In the early seasons, Morgana and Gwen lived as king’s ward and lady’s maid, respectively, and cultivated a close friendship despite their difference in rank.“With this character I always felt she would be a good queen because she has that sort of humble quality but she also has a very noble nature.Looking from the outside I would want her to be my queen!King Arthur is there, too, and sweet Merlin (Colin Morgan) even gets a few scenes but mostly you will find your eyes drawn to either the evil Morgana, Queen Gwen, or the muscle-bound knights wielding pickaxes.Taking charge at home while the knights try to slay Morgana is Angel Coulby’s Queen Gwen.

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Merlin’s mother trusts Gaius, sending her young son to stay with him.