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America cuckold

It’s also popular among infuriated, far right-wing racists, who have become positively obsessed with the show’s supposedly anti-white “race cuckoldry.” Officially, and according to Nickelodeon, this is what Middle schooler Bella Dawson left her life as a popular cheerleader behind to join the Bulldogs as their new star quarterback. Trading in her pom-poms for a pigskin was a total dream come true, but now Bella must find a balance between football and her cheerleading BFFs. In the summer of 1941 Mary Simpson was dying from cancer.With the second world war at its height, the prime minister had her flown to America, where she had to be ferried to and from the plane in an ambulance.

Butler, one of the show’s co-creators, is trying to inject interracial cuckold fetishism into the minds of America’s youth. This objectively insane theory has been slowly gaining steam amongst the various ultra-conservative, ultra-racist, right-wing message boards scattered across the internet.

Nickelodeon, a children’s television station, has hired a Negroid cuckolding fetishist to make a children’s sitcom.

The show, entitled “Bella and the Bulldogs,” is about an empowered feminist 13-year-old White girl joining a boys football team.

She returned with their son, also called Ernest, who had been evacuated from Britain…

A cuckspiracy has been uncovered by the noble internet detectives of 4chan.

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, a relatively new show on Nickelodeon about a perky cheerleader-turned-quarterback. Can you comment on whether or not Bella and the Bulldogs is endorsing cuckoldry?