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Part Two broadens the discussion of multiculturalism beyond Australia in recognition of the fact that the issues, events, and even rhetoric, that have animated Australian debates about multiculturalism, particularly in the past ten years, transcend national borders and have reverberated in various forms in other parts of the world.

Out of a matrix of learning in history, politics, literature, psychology, anatomy, biology and technology, you evolve as an artist. Burroughs, Stravinsky to the Ramones, Karl Marx to bell hooks, you get a cultural grounding that is at once classical and contemporary, canonical and cutting-edge.You'll discover that the more you have to say, the bigger statement your art will make.With over 200 courses and more than 100 instructors, SVA has one of the richest, deepest, most imaginative humanities and sciences curriculums of any arts college.” The purpose of this article is to provide nurses with a set of culturally competent skills that will enhance the delivery of patient-centered care in the midst of a cultural conflict.I will begin by offering a conceptual framework for cultural competence and a description of the cultural skill needed to formulate a mutually acceptable and culturally relevant treatment plan for each patient. Vol16No02Man05 Key words: cross-cultural care, cross-cultural conflict, cultural assessment, cultural competence, cultural conflict, cultural differences, cultural encounters, cultural interactions, cultural skill, patient-centered care, patient centeredness Betancourt, Green, Carrillo, and Park (2005) have asserted that one of the factors leading to the emergence of cultural competence and patient-centered care as important issues in healthcare delivery was the publication of two landmark Institute of Medicine (IOM) reports — Crossing the Quality Chasm (IOM, 2001) and Unequal Treatment (Smedley, Stith, & Nelson, 2003), which highlighted the importance of patient-centered care and cultural competence.

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You'll see ideas in action, like the decorated Vietnam veteran/philosophy professor who takes his War and Morality students to a VA hospital to speak with posttraumatic stress syndrome patients.