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Rugby union is the national sport in New Zealand, and is popular across all sections of New Zealand society, and many New Zealanders associate it with their national identity.

Another well-documented phenomenon sees winter dubbed 'cuffing season' when people look around to spend the cold winter months with and other sites including Ok Cupid report a surge in activity at this time of year.launched in February 2009, as a place for me to show artwork that “made me jealous”, in a bad, toxic, soul-crushing way.I was literally getting stopped in my tracks every time I saw work that I loved. But now, over seven years later, that “jealousy” has turned magically, wonderfully, and into inspiration… In all seriousness, I’ve realized that jealousy can actually be turned completely on it’s head, and used as fuel to get back into the studio. That’s when the magic transformation from jealousy to inspiration starts to happen.Guernsey's winding lanes reveal rolling pastures, tree filled valleys dotted with traditional Guernsey farmhouses constructed from local granite and lead to dramatic cliff views and glorious sandy beaches - there is a surprise around every corner!Book your 2017 Guernsey holiday and take advantage of the very best prices!

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